Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Secret War of Christianity

I love, and I'm glad they nailed it here, but I think they missed a larger point. At best, you can argue that there is a war on government endorsement of Christianity. That war was started by the founding fathers when they wrote the First Amendment. That war also helps to ensure that Christianity thrives as much as it has in this country (as opposed to other nations that nominally endorse specific denominations).

But while I'm glad C&L pointed out the war on gays and science, the reason that war is possible is that the real theological war in this country is being waged against atheists. Here's the proof. Gays and minorities still, clearly, suffer from discrimination. But there are gay and black and Latino and Asian members of Congress. Are there any atheists?

Atheists make up a comparatively large percentage of the nation's top scientists, leading America in technology and research. The most praised casualty of the war on terror was a man whose family said had no use for religion. Atheists base their morals on rational choices, rather than on the coercion of unseen forces. That makes them MORE moral, not less. And yet, still, people in this nation treat them like moral lepers. Fortunately, our numbers are growing. The internet is allowing more and more people to escape the cognitive confines of even the most remote, shuttered communities. We're making progress, but we won't make real strides until we can get the mainstream media -- or even our friends at C&L! -- to recognize that atheists are a disenfranchised, persecuted target of religious-based bigotry. Everyone who champions tolerance ought to make sure that they're including atheists (and, of course, agnostics), among the ranks of those being defended.

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R said...


I live a few blocks from the first battleground that ensured the stranglehold PURITANS have to this day.

Merrimount, where the pagans had their May Pole trounced and their merry-making butts handed back to them on a platter.

Why, oh, why, didn't they fight THEN so we wouldn't have to fight now?

Anyway, damn straight that atheists are more moral than the "God-fearing." We don't need to wet our Depends worrying about "Hell" in order to do the just thing.

I've had it with ALL the religions. Some are ok/pc to diss, such as Catholics or fundie Christians. But just try to sneer at Islam because they promise 100 virgin boys and girls to rape in "heaven" if you kill "infidels." It's not allowed, even by lefties. And, sorry, that DOES make them the very worst of the lot, including the lunatic cults like Mormons and Moonies.

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