Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Atheists for McCain!

After six years of George W. Bush, everything beforehand feels like long ago, but politically speaking it wasn't so long ago when John McCain was considered a viable candidate not only by many Democrats, but by many on the left, as well. Why? Because back in 2000, his straight-talk express really did consist of a lot of straight talk. He had disdain for the same bullshit the liberal-media types who covered him had. He had no use for dumb faith-based politics.

How things have changed. Perhaps still smarting from losing the nomination to Bush, McCain doesn't seem to have missed anyone on the Christian right in his Panderpalooza. He's even speaking at the dark heart of anti-science, the Discovery Institute, this month.

All of which is why atheists should support him in his bid for the Republican nomination. Hell, maybe even for the general election. The reason is simple.

Either at the age of 72, he's changed his mind about how the universe works and suddenly believes in an anthropomorphic, intercessory god who wants Texas girls to get cervical cancer...or he's changed his mind about how to get elected.

Bush won by fooling the Christian right into accepting him as "authentic." Little did anyone on the right know that Bush answers to no religious orthodoxy except that of his own subconscious. Little did most on the left guess just how seriously Bush took the overall concept of a personal Jesus, whispering in his ear that he could do whatever he wanted.

So if a guy that we know has no use for the Christian right wants to trick them--yet again--into supporting a candidate who doesn't give a shit about their agenda, shouldn't atheists support that, instead of howling about McCain's hypocrisy?

After all, the more atheists and the left criticize McCain for cozying up to the religious right, the more the religious right is likely...to...embrace.......him.

Er...never mind. DAMN YOU, McCAIN!!!


Anonymous said...

No! You're on to something here! I'm starting a facebook group soon, "Atheists for McCain". As an ardent supporter of Barack Obama, I can't imagine a better way to help him win than to make the country believe that we, the Godless, are behind McCain. If McCain can use Fidel Castro complementing Obama as an attack, then we, the most hated minority in America, should be able to utterly sink his campaign- with nothing more than our very vocal support.

John William Reitter said...

But there are lots of Atheists for Obama groups who are very active in his campaign. Just see his website under groups. Also, unfortunately, Obama does not list nonreligious as a category in his religious pages. Though we are a larger minority than Jews or Blacks, no candidate can seek our support openly without incurring the wrath of the righteous.

But at least Obama gives us space on his group pages.

Bill Reitter

Anonymous said...

I am an atheist who is voting for McCain. I do not have a problem with "Christian/Judeo" values and ethics, just the religions themselves. Obama claims he found Christianity, but do not like his values a bit.

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