Sunday, August 28, 2005

Iraq: It's Like America, but Earlier

President Bush wants Americans to be reassured that Iraq is heading toward a modern, open, minority-protecting democracy, much like America itself.

Here's the key language he used Sunday, August 28, 2005:

I want our folks to remember our own constitution was not unanimously received. Some delegates at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787 refused to sign it, and the draft was vigorously debated in every state, and the outcome was not assured until all the votes were counted.

Let's assume a couple things. First, let's assume "our folks" refers to Americans. Second, let's assume Pres. Bush is suggesting that 2005 is the Iraqi equivalent of 1787. If President Bush is right, here's the timeframe we can look forward to:

2006 - Iraq ratifies its constitution.

2007 - Iraq gets a Bill of Rights

2079 - Civil war consumes Iraq in its bloodiest conflict ever

2081 - Iraq's president issues a proclamation granting equal rights to minorities

2114 - Iraq's ruling clerics decree that Iraq's minorities can be "separate but equal"

2138 - Women get the vote

2173 - Iraq's high court desegregates Iraq's schools

2190 - Iraq's high court bans executions

???? - Iraq grants equal rights to gays

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