Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why Does Ann Coulter Hate Our Troops?

Ann Coulter recently confirmed her position as spokesperson for the ranks of Osama bin Laden and others who hate America, by assaulting the integrity, bravery and fortitude of New Yorkers. (She said residents of New York would "immediately surrender" to terrorists.)

Here are some New Yorkers who can't defend themselves because they died defending Ann Coulter's right to be a sniveling, disgusting, Lovecraftian horror. And if you want a better overall picture, as well as a more up-to-date accounting, of the sacrifice made by New Yorkers, click here.


Anonymous said...

She also insulted a soldier on Fox news a couple of nights ago on Hannity and Colmes. A member of Code Pink was on the show and Shawn Hannity was trying to belittle her after she showed him up in a debate. As soon as they came back from break, and the lady of Code Pink was gone he talked badly about her to Ann Coulter. She then said and I quote "The only thing she kept saying was my son is in the military, my son is in the military." End quote. I wonder if Ann has a son or a close family member in Iraq? I wonder if then she would think Code Pink is a bad idea?(Code Pink is of course a civil rights group who want better medical care to our wounded returning soldiers). I also wonder why does Ann Coulter have an Adam's apple?

Wallace Almon said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.

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