Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In the Name of God

This is what happens when a religion mutates into a faith that's all about loyalty and obedience, rather than the so-called moral/ethical principles it supposedly espouses.

Paul Mirecki, a University of Kansas professor who dared PROPOSE teaching so-called "intelligent design" as what it is, a creation myth, reports that two men followed him and beat him up, while making reference to his class.

This is what happens when religious leaders espouse faith over works. If you don't understand that, ask yourself, Who Would Jesus Beat?

Let's see whether the religious, dominionist men trying to hijack America and make it a theocracy speak out against this actual violence -- physical and intellectual violence -- as vocally as they do against fictional violence.

(Thanks to the reader who e-mailed me to alert me of this story and pass on the link. I'll post more info as it emerges.)

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