Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fitzmas Blues

If you read other politically oriented blogs, you know that much of the blogosphere is referring, in advance, to the release of indictments by Patrick Fitzgerald as "Fitzmas."

There is, as the coinage would suggest, much rejoicing in the land at the prospect that some measure of justice might finally be meted out to the miscreants who've fucked up our nation so.

But, just as Christmas is often a sad time for some people, I find myself feeling left out, alienated, isolated from the rejoicing. Yes, I'm happy to see corrupt abusers of power brought low. But I guess I'm also ashamed. Ashamed for my government. Ashamed that the country I love elected and, largely, has stood behind these arrogant bastards. Ashamed that journalists haven't had the balls to fill the adversarial role they're meant to. Ashamed that Americans haven't demanded that of their journalists.

I understand why people are rejoicing. I understand why people are licking their chops over the prospect of juicy details yet to emerge. Me, I'm filled with dread. I knew full well that this administration had long ago killed any sense of patriotic governance, or principled leadership. But that doesn't mean I want to spend weeks and months immersed in the details of the murder, or the site of the decaying corpse.


Anonymous said...

It's worse than that. Honestly, I can't get particularly excited about anything political anymore. No matter how important it seems right now, the public's ability to shrug, sigh, and shake their heads knows no bounds. There will be momentary outrage, as likely towards the prosecutor as towards the prosecuted, and then America will change the channel.

Not forgotten, exactly. Just not absorbed.

A few years back we found out that government researchers did some staggering things while learning about radiation. Fed isotopes to orphans. Put plutonium in milk and gave it to children. The sort of stuff you can't make up.

Upon hearing this, the vast majority of Americans first said: "What, really?" Then, shown evidence, said: "That's the sort of thing the government does. Can't trust 'em." The few who cared to wave their hands and get righteous and indignant were just so much sound and fury. The channel still changed.

Lots of channels available today. Can surf a long time before you get back to the beginning again, much less realize you're not watching anything at all... much less stand up and look outside.

emma said...

Treason at the highest levels of government. Systematic torture directed by those same individuals. I'm not celebrating anything either. In fact, for the first time in my life I am truly ashamed to be an American.

Anonymous said...

I hope all of this really comes to pass....but remember...we thought the last two elections were almost ours...and neither came to pass.

I'll believe the indictments when they actually happen. Republicans seem to have been dipped in Teflon. We'll have to wait and see if anything sticks and just how far up the food chain this one goes.

Don't pop the champagne cork just yet...

Marjorie L. Swanson said...

Much as I want to see these rats brought down I too will find it hard to celebrate. I watch Hardball everynight and time after time I hear inacuracies, untruths and the constant theme coming from Mathews that all is just political hardball. If Americans truly believe that sliming someone is the only way to disagree then we are well and truly...lost. This is my country and such things shame us all.

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