Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tenet and Cheney

I didn't post anything on this when the Times first reported that it was George Tenet who told Dick Cheney who told Lewis Libby who told two friends about Valerie Plame. I assumed there was something obvious I wasn't aware of. But I've seen nothing on it since then, so I'm casting the net. Can anyone explain to me the meaning, or possible meaning, behind the fact that Tenet told Cheney, and then, when the information went public, it was also Tenet who asked for the investigation in the first place?

Presumably, he didn't forget telling Cheney. Presumably, he realized Cheney would remember that it was Tenet who told him. In other words, was the investigation request a "fuck you" from Tenet to Cheney? For the leak itself or for Cheney's central role in cooking the Iraq intelligence? I honestly don't know ... does anyone have any guidance on this?

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