Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Harriet Miers: Fuckbuddy

I've gone on at length about the role of religion (not religious tenets, but the nature of magical thinking) in the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. According to the Times today, it's believed Miers is the first evangelical Christian on the court since the 1930s. And while the media pore over Miers' religious beliefs issue by issue, one intriguing aspect of her life has emerged.

The unmarried, 60-year-old, working woman appears to have, and therefore to be, a fuckbuddy. The reciprocator of said fuckbuddy status is an even-more-conservative judge than she is: Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht. And, as you can see -- he's a hottie.

The gallant Judge Hecht has attempted to dress up his apparently decades-long fuckbuddy relationship with Miers. Asked by USA Today whether he and Miers date, "Hecht laughed and said: "I guess that's what you'd call it, though I've always thought that's a word you use with teenagers. We go to dinner when we can. We go to the movies." Actually, the word teenagers might be more likely to use would be "booty-call."

In fact, according to the New York Times, Judge Hecht appears to be on call 24/7 for booty-call duties:

"She works in Washington, I work in Austin," Justice Hecht said. "We have dinner when she's here; if she invites me to Washington I happily go."

Yep, that's a booty call. So, how do these two sexagenarians fill those lonely days when she's in DC and he's in Austin and they're both in heat?

"We talk on the phone all the time."

Comparing briefs, no doubt.

So, other than salacious fun, what does Miers' fuckbuddy relationship tell us? Well, as Hecht himself told the Times, Miers can be relentlessly anti-abortion in her private life without believing it appropriate to impose that judgment on others. If she's comfy, at 60 years old, keeping a long-distance fuckbuddy on retainer while still accepting the severe, conservative teachings of her evangelical church, it just might turn out to be the case that her embrace of her own religion hasn't caused her to abandon that fundamental American freedom: Everyone else's freedom from religion.


Sportin' Life said...

So, other than salacious fun, what does Miers' fuckbuddy relationship tell us?

Um, that the White House was worried about the lesbian rumors and had to quickly produce some "evidence" of heterosexuality to quiet down the Freepers? Just guessing.

Anonymous said...

Here in Hollywood many women have affectionate non-sexual relations with gay men. This isn't to suggest that either Miers or her friend are gay. Anyway, who cares?

Carol Anne said...

"Who cares?" I do, because the Supreme Court deals with human sexuality issues (abortion, homosexuality, contraception, etc.) Harriet Miers has been all over the place in her dealings with lesbians and gays. It would be nice to know just who and what she is.

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