Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Blame Game!

The Blame GameTM!

It’s not just for the pros on TV, anymore! Now YOU can play along at home! Here’s how…

Object of The Game: To get other players to accept all your BlameTM!

Players: The Blame GameTM can be played by any number of people, from 1 to 1 million! Play starts with the player sitting furthest to the right. The player sitting closest to the middle is usually supposed to be the referee, but any player can volunteer.

Equipment: All you need to play is one (1) BlameTM pointer and enough BlameTM for everyone!

The Rules:
Rule 1: Any Player can initiate play, but if every other Player “passes,” or declines to disperse their BlameTM,then the Player sitting on the far right begins.
Rule 2: Players can “bluff” and deny holding BlameTM at any time, even if they actually do have BlameTM at the time they are called on.
Rule 3: A Player may attempt to assign BlameTM to any other Player on their turn. However, if a Player attempts to assign BlameTM to a Player sitting to the right, that Player automatically gets a chance to return BlameTM to the original Player, called the “attacker.” When this happens, the first Player may then issue a “release” to all the referees, in which case Rule 7 applies.
Rule 4: If you catch a Player to your right holding one or more BlameTM, and that Player “bluffs” a denial, you may enlist the help of a referee by issuing a “release.” However, if the referee is positioned between you and the other Player, the referee can “pass.”
Rule 5: Players may assign BlameTM to any Player to their left, regardless of whether that Player is holding any BlameTM at the time of play.
Rule 6: In addition to “bluffing” when “attacked” (see Rule 2), Players may “bluff” by assigning BlameTM to another Player even if the first Player knows that the second Player is BlameTMless!
Rule 7: When referees receive a “release” from a Player on their left who has caught a Player on the referee’s right “bluffing,” referees can either do nothing, or distribute all their BlameTM equally to both Players. (Note: In this instance, referees can not assign BlameTM to just one Player, even if the referee knows that Player holds the BlameTM!) When a Player’s “release” fails, or boomerangs in an assignment of BlameTM on them, Rule 3 then applies.
Rule 8: If a Player is unsure of where BlameTM actually is when their turn arrives, and if the Player does not “bluff,” that Player loses their turn.
Rule 9: The first Player to disperse all their BlameTM to the other players wins! That’s how you play The Blame GameTM! It’s that easy!

Did You Know…?
…The Blame GameTM dates back as far as ancient Rome, when it was known as Mea Culpa, and players could actually score points for accepting blame!
…The Blame GameTM was known in 20th century America as “Accountability!TM”. Back then, “bluffing” was called “lying” and referees were actually supposed to reveal when they saw a player holding a blame card!

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