Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mr. Bill for President

On "Good Morning America" today, Pres. Bush said "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."

Well, it was anticipated by Scientific American. But we know how the president feels about science.

And it was anticipated by National Geographic (via DailyKos). But we know how the president feels about geography.

And it was even anticipated by his own agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But we know how the president feels about FEMA.

But not only did all those disparate sources anticipate something Pres. Bush today said "no one" had, the New Orleans flood was actually also anticipated by Mr. Bill, the clay puppet best known for his appearances on Saturday Night Live. In a campaign originally billed as "Mr. Bill's America's Wetland World Tour," the puppet, in this short film, not only warns of the flooding, but explains why prevention of flooding relies so heavily on the very wetlands that Pres. Bush has allowed to disappear due not only to erosion, but active development. In other words, we'd be better off with an ACTUAL joke of a president.


WeThePeople said...

Once again Jonathan, You've delivered great "goods"--or should I say "bads" on this administration's utter incompetence!
Thanks for adding another intelligent, informed voice that pushes back against the stupidity, arrogance, and ignorance that is continually "preached" on the right--and new or not--your voice will rapidly rise to the top!
It's rare when I link blog posts to my own--but once again, I'm linking your page in a post at APM and want to again express a gracious thank you for your efforts here!
Keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

I hate you liberels! Swin and pigs all of you. If you had the corage you'd stand up for our prezidemt in this time of troble.

Gory, Gory Alleluia!

Earle Swervington,
Shithead, Texas

Anonymous said...

Can the previous "comment" be a sarcastic joke? Can anyone that ignorant actually think he as made a valid point? If I couldn't spell, I wouldn't write anything for public view until I did a spell check. If I couldn't sing I sure would go in a public place and sing, it makes you look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

That stupid ass guitar playing vacationing monkey IS the disaster, you repukes can choke on your piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

well in the ignorant idiots defense maybe he's really old or from some secluded part of the world that still uses Oulde english for indeed in the time of chaucer it was "corage"

Anonymous said...

Considering that he said he was from "shithead, texas" I think its safe to say that he was joking.

Stithmeister said...

I like the post indeedy. I agree with the larsenous fellow writing the blog.

Perhaps the it's pronounced like "shu-teed" Texas. Just a thought.

Yes, the current administration is absolutely repugnant.

witcheswood said...


Anonymous said...

Someone says "gory gory" instead of "glory glory" and signs it shithead Texas and you have to ask if its satire!!??
Hey folks lets not fergit the President made the supreme sacrifice for the nation...he cut his vacation time short...

( Do I have to explain THAT TOO is meant as satire?

Ben said...

Fantastic post!

Concerned Citzen said...

How is the fact that the Mayor failed to follow his own evacuation plan, failed to have the superdome prepared with food and water as a evacaution center (also in the plan) and failed to use the bus fleet to remove people (also in the plan) the President, FEMA, and the Federal Goverenments fault?

How is the fact the Governor had supplies and repair crews turned back at the edges of the city by the State Troopers the Feds fault?

How is the fact that the Governor failed to call up the National Guard and direct them to do anything the Presidents fault?

When the first responders aren't City Fire and Police or State Guard you've got a problem.

Why didn't the neighboring States have theses problems?

So far I have seen answers to all these questions but not from liberals.

witcheswood said...

Because of FEMA (under Bush) New Orleans residents (over 50,000) were left to die without food and water for 7 days in the Superdome (hundreds of babies, children, elderly and adults). There were stores in the next town where anyone could've been sent to get water and food, but nothing was ever brought to them. They locked these people in there and wouldn't even let them walk to the next town themselves to get water and food to save their lives, and the lives of their babies, children and parents. Instead they guarded the bridge (the only way out of town) and wouldn't let them pass so that they could get what they needed to save themselves!!

Walmart even tried to deliver water and FEMA sent it back, saying they didn't need it.

Even Fox News couldn’t hide the truth.
Horror Show

Also, because of Republican Gretna Police Chief Arthur S. Lawson, Jr. ordered his officers to kill any black people that tried to cross the bridge that lead into Gretna. His officers shot at blacks or people in the company of blacks that tried to cross the bridge.

This was allowed by FEMA who should’ve put a stop to it because the Federal govt. takes over in evacuation emergencies. Local authorities can only request help and were told the cavalry’s coming everyday.

Also, because Bush put FEMA under Homeland Security, all requests had to go through the Pentagon (red tape) and they had to wait for the Pentagon to respond. Clinton had FEMA as part of his cabinet and they were given immediate access to the President!

witcheswood said...

Official Announcement:

The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

Damn, it just doesn't get more accurate than that!

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