Wednesday, September 07, 2005

N.O. Child Left Behind

Photo: Vincent Laforet / New York Times

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Nathan James said...

I’m impressed by the courage (and seeming lack of tact) it must have taken to post such a blog entry. I fully approve of the commentary. The “spin” is about to begin, and it is our responsibility to use whatever tools we have, be it wit or shock value, to highlight what happened that week, and bring our nation’s collective attention to this historic tragedy. Clever title.

There’s no mistake… we are vulnerable, and some more so than others. This was not just a complete and total collapse of our federal government; this was an example of horrific criminal carelessness by the ones who have “sworn to protect us.” For those who don't get it, I refer them to the image.

Through negligence, incompetence, and a fatal lack of foresight, the Bush administration is condemning America to a future of insecurity and division.

So thank you for your service to a national dialogue that was suppressed until Katrina unleashed it. But damn, what a delightfully questionable posting!

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