Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Christian GOP: Katrina Was God's Work

If your normal instinct is not to give a shit what Rick Scarborough says, you may already be a winner. If, however, you do give a shit, that might mean you have the unfortunate luck of being someone like Sam Brownback, Tom DeLay or Bill Frist. They were Scarborough's allies in pulling together the so-called "Justice Sunday" events designed to overthrow the judicial branch of the United States government.

Now comes more proof that Scarborough hates America. Scarborough hasn't published it on his web site yet, but here's the text of what his upcoming "report" will say about Katrina. I've italicized the lies, underlined his anti-Americanism and bolded the hate...


I write to you today with a heavy heart. These are among the darkest days I've seen. If natural disasters weren't enough, the man-made disasters in the works are a constant reminder that -- by their actions - nations, as well as individuals, are judged.

I have many friends living between New Orleans and Mobile. Tommye and I ministered in Mobile for 4 years in the early '80s, and we've maintained close relationships with those we met and came to love. I've struggled to choke back tears as I've watched the devastation and followed news accounts. Please keep these precious people in your prayers.

In every event in the life of a nation -- as in our personal lives -- God is always speaking to us. It is imperative that we hear Him and heed His voice. These thoughts I offer with deep humility.

Scriptures teach us that God will not be mocked. The scenes of devastation in New Orleans we're witnessing on the nightly news show us a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

If that weren't enough, the chaos that's sweeping the ravaged city is a sad reminder that when God brings the deluge, the floodgates will open and unimaginable evil will wash over us.

Consider this Associated Press report, filed today, of the lawlessness that reigns in New Orleans. "Storm victims are raped and beaten; fights erupt with flying fists, knives and guns; fires are breaking out; corpses litter the streets; and police and rescue helicopters are repeatedly fired on." Thousands of National Guard troops are being deployed to New Orleans with shoot-to- kill orders.

While stories of bravery and compassion are coming out of the devastated city, there are also these reports of human beasts preying on the most vulnerable of the hurricane's victims.

After September 11, 2001, "God bless America" was on everyone's lips. But what, exactly, are we asking God to bless - a nation moving a [sic] breakneck speed toward homosexual marriage, a nation awash in pornography, a nation in which our children are indoctrinated in perversion in the public schools, a nation in which most public displays of The Ten Commandments are considered offensive to the Constitution, a nation in which the elite does all in its considerable power to efface our Biblical heritage?

We are sowing the wind. Surely, we shall reap the whirlwind.

One other factor which must be considered: Days before Katrina nearly wiped New Orleans off the map, 9,000 Jewish residents of Gaza were driven from their homes with the full support of the United States government. Could this be a playing out of prophesy ("I will bless that nation that blesses you, and curse the nation that curses you")?

Please read on. I want to give you two examples - from today's headlines - of how we are bringing disaster on ourselves. And then tell you what you can do - right now, today - to begin to reverse the process.

He then goes on to slam California's gay-marriage legislative push and opposition to criminalizing bestiality in Washington. And what does he say you can do to ensure proper gender- and species-alignment of genitalia in two Pacific states?

If you're shocked and saddened as I am by the foregoing - if you understand that it's up to people of faith to save our beloved country, before it's too late - there's something important you can do right now.

I urge you to register for Vision America's upcoming Countering The War on Faith Conference, October 17-18 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.

This will be unlike any conference you've attended in the past. We will discuss and analyze every aspect of the war on Christianity and Christians, coming from the news media, Hollywood, public education, academia, the judiciary and leftwing activist organizations (like the ALCU [sic] and People for the American Way).

Confirmed speakers include Senator Sam Brownback, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer and Phyllis Schlafly. But that's just the beginning. Individual registrations are only $149 ($259 for married couples). That includes two lunches and a dinner - plus all conference materials. We've deliberately kept the price as low as possible to encourage attendance.

At the conference, we will show Christians how to fight back against militant
secularists, cultural polluters, gay activists and Hollywood indoctrinators. The
conference will be the start of a year-long Christian voter registration, education and mobilization effort.

Visit the Vision America website, where you can register for the conference online and pay with a credit card. After you've done that, please download the conference flyer and distribute it to your personal e-mail list, with a note from you asking them to attend.

His thesis is simply that New Orleans deserved to die. Biloxi deserved to suffer. Poor, black children deserved to drown because Americans have too many freedoms. This is not some fringe kook, this is what the mainstream of American Republican politics has become. That's why it's not just Schlafly, but Brownback, too. Until Brownback, DeLay, Frist and the other Republicans who benefit from and ally themselves with Scarborough and his traitorous, hateful, fearful thugs renounce him and his school of thought, consider them all enemies of freedom and enemies of America.

I'd love to see people flock to register. I'd love to see people infiltrate this bogus conference and remind people of what truly makes America great: Freedom to dissent, questioning authority, compartmentalizing religion away from public decision-making. When Scarborough and his ilk (including Pres. Bush, who has called both Katrina and the Sept. 11 attacks God's "tests" -- e.g., the will of God) credit America's pain to their deity, they are siding with that deity against this country. Let's take the war to them.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, god is punishing the red states for supporting and the evil and vile GW Bush. They brought it on themselves and are getting what they deserve.

-(remove tounge now)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Scarborough believes in a God of murder and death. He should try the New Testament for a change.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they find a dead girl in Scarborough's office when he was still in elective politics? Was she a blood sacrifice? An offering? A "No woman, no problem" kind of thing?
One would think with God at his back Mr Scarborough would happily share the details of this event with all of us.

Encourage him to do so today.

Cassandro said...

The Primary Law: Love G-d with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul (Love, G-d, heart, soul remain to be defined; this is an activity and group of nouns hardly ever examined), and Love your neighbor as yourself. On this hang all the prophets and the Law.

Rinse and repeat.

Dave in Northridge said...

Beside, isn't it odd that CNN showed us a few gay men and women who went on with the Labor Day "Southern Decadence" parade in the dry, unflooded French Quarter? If God is angry with anyone, it's not gay people, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Maybe God really is talking to us. But maybe he is saying "This is a warning about global warming. You are destroying the home I created for you." Or maybe he is saying "Slow down your glutinous consumption of the earth's resources (oil). Yes I put it there to use, but I planned for it to last another millenium." Of course Mr. Scarborough can see no interpretation other than the ones that support his phobias and greed.

Arthur said...

I just love how all this hype is to sell conference with a price tag that ends with 9.

Way to use dead people to sell products with misleading pricing to profit off followers who are too uneducated to know to round up the number 9. WWJD indeed.

Anonymous said...

I guess he hates us for his freedom. Irony much?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Katrina is the wrath of God, punishment for what we did to the Iraq people. Unfortunately, here, like there, it is the poor and weak who are suffering, not the ones that caused the suffering.

Anonymous said...

If I were a Muslim living in Iraq who prays to Allah five time a day that the US gets what it deserves for killing my family members, I would be saying the same thing you vengeful "Christians" spill out.

Hate speech is hate speech, no matter which religious wrapping it comes in.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all the religious nazia freaks!

Anonymous said...

So, what did Trent Lott do to piss off the almighty?

Anonymous said...

Think on this Republican right wing ideologues who scoff at earth warming and environmental degradation.

And when finished creating the world, he said that man would be a partner in creation, i.e., to tend to the world and then he said, "If man fails me on earth, my kingdom in Heaven also falls." Talmud

Anonymous said...

The Rude Pundit had a brilliant post recently talking about this very subject. He said that it was gods punishment to the GOP and it will derail their sick agenda. Being an atheist I wouldn't know about god's will but I can say that even after all of the horrific and sad pictures coming out of NO, I must admit to a great deal of Schadenfreude when it comes to the GOP. Everything, Everything they have done in the past five years is coming home to roost. If anybody is gonna reap god's fury it will be them.

Anonymous said...

FLORIDA must be EVIL too. They could be next...after all, God has warned them MANY times. Needless to say, God isn't through with New York either. How stupid.....Soddam and Gomorrhea? I think not. God destroyed it because there were no rightous men left in the city. That was BEFORE Christ and was really the way he dealt with the people until providing mercy, grace, compassion, and the accountability for one's own sins. I do NOT beieve God destroys little
children to prove a point....they are NOT responsible for the sins of the "fathers". We are preaching RELIGION not CHRISTIANITY.

Anonymous said...

If we want to play the sick "god controls the weather" game, then God is expressing his or her anger at conservatives and God is warning the United States not to ever vote conservative again.

How else can one explain why the "blue state" northeast has been spared hurricanes for the last few years? How else can one explain how every hurricane to hit has struck land on a "red state."

Wow and God spared the place where the "gays" were having a parade in New Orleans only to strike the "non-gay" parts of the city. And God struck Trent Lott's home too. Was Trent too liberal?

gabbosgold said...

The Bush-Cheney team insists that we avoid playing the blame game. Why would they demand that we listen to them ? Because, according to them, we are helpless people who do not have the money, or the power to determine that the George W. Bush administration is at fault. Had this same event happened 6 months from now, I fear that assistance from the government would have been out-of-reach, instead of out-of-touch. This is america's last chance to throw the Bush administration out of office.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian. But I am absolutely sickened by all these so called "christian" friends of mine who wanna go around hollerin Judgement. Even if "Kat" was the judgement of God, it is the duty of the Church to show love and compassion in this time of need. The poor are the ones who suffered in this. All of the Mardi gras "sinners" were gone. How many gays do you think died in the flood.
We've even got these mean spirited Mega ministers runnin around hollerin judgement, as if to say I told you so. Me and a brother were discussing the other day that when God judges, there is no question about it. EVERYONE died, not just the poor people. If God wanted to judge this pathetic country based on its wrongdoings, then Katrina would have engulfed the whole nation. My question is where were all of these fire spewing ministers when it was legal to lynch black folks, and jim crow laws were legal. Where were they in 2002 to outcry this illegal war of Greed in Iraq. No they wanna talk about these fringe issues of gay people and abortion that the Church should be dealing with anyway, not the Government.

Get OUTTA here Scarborough and the rest of you Pastoral losers.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone know (include his many followers) that George W. Bush is the antichrist? How else could he accomplish so much evil in so short a time, and have the backing of supposedly 'Christian' people.

Pray the Devil take him...

Anonymous said...

G.W. Bush-hog claimed to be a compassionate conservative.

1. He is definitely NOT compassionate. He could care less who suffers and dies as long as he and his cronies benefit.

2. My God, he is not conservative, unless conservatives give everything away to the rich and hate the Constitution and what it stands for.

Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with the Word of God in the Bible knows that God doesn`t single out a corner of a nation for judgement - He is no respecter of persons and the whole nation is judged - not just a select few. Do people really believe that Southern Decadence is confined to New Orleans alone?? Just because a gay parade or a gay march, or any gay celebration isn`t labled Southern Decadence doesn`t make it any different from what happens in New Orleans. Do people really believe that God sees it any differently?? As for the Mardi Gras, somebody is going to have to explain the difference to me between it and Halloween, which this whole nation celebrates every October. I guarantee, that many of these Christian pastors who have decided that the tragedy in New Orleans is a judgement from God for the Mardi Gras, see nothing wrong with Halloween parties in schools, children out trick or treating in satanic costumes like witches or goblins, and nothing wrong with lit up jack-o-lanterns. Holloween originated with the ancient Druids who worshipped demonic, pagan Gods and Holloween is also the biggest event of the year in the occult and satanists give it the highest priority in their detestable beliefs. It is the most important night that is dedicated to satan. I am a Christian, and knowing about these things helps me to understand, a little better, what is of God and what isn`t of God. I don`t pretend to know a whole lot, but any understanding is helpful. I do not condone Southern Decadence nor the Mardi Gras, but a little reality is neede here.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line:

1. Bush is an idiot. Cheney is the real president.

2. If anybody wants to holler judgement, then Bush is God's judgement on the entire World. Everyone is being negatively affected by his stupidity. But then again I think even God knows how dumb Bush is. I think it would be an insult to God and the devil to take credit for him.

3. Christians who support him are deceived and just as stupid, no matter how much money they have.

4. "leaders" like Scarborough are full of hatred and are so far away from what Christ represented its ridiculous.

So lets come to our senses. Whos going to be the first to call for Impeachment? Who's with me? We can impeach Clint for getting some head, but not President Chimp for being directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world? The destruction of the environment? LYING? C'mon folks.

In the words of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin "Get up off your asses". Lets start the call for impeachment. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

world-peace-society said...

Yeah, it is the punishment for the killing of 250.000 Iraqis, but God didn't aim very well he hit the poor.

world-peace-society said...

Yeah, it is the punishment for the killing of 250.000 Iraqis, but God didn't aim very well he hit the poor.

world-peace-society said...

And God also heated up the Atlantic! The average temperature rose at 72 fahrenheit. Greenland now really looks green, because the glaciers are melting.
You can't trust people who want to teach intelligent design. Global warming will be threat and the only way to fight it is to use our brains and efforts to stop it.

StarStorm (Kay) said...

I live about 18 miles from Sugarland, Ft. Bend Co. Texas...Tom de Asshole's home. They ought to change the name to Crapfaceland while they tolerate him!!!! Argg and Gaggg

Anonymous said...

you people do not know rick scarborough personally..why are you all attacking him......does it hit a nerve deep down inside...knowing your not right with God......Rick Scarborough is a man of God......He is just doing what God leads him to do.....If you have a problem with it then why don't you pray to God about it ...

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